DVDRemake v3.2.2 update

— email from DimadSoft…
New versions of the DvdReMake and DvdReMake Pro are released and can be downloaded from DimadSoft site: http://www.dimadsoft.com

Here is the list of changes from previous version (items marked with § are applicable only to the Pro version):
fix - multistory DVDs are exported incorrectly in some cases when stories have different amount of cells;
fix § - problems replacing background with still image when cell has more then one button set;
fix - button to minimize project window is disabled;
add § - check (and show as error if needed) PGC title assignment;
fix § - can’t reassign PGC to another title in some cases;
fix - some controls are not placed correctly in Select Folder dialog on some platforms;
fix - problems during playback of cells edited with “replace with still”§ or “convert to still” in some cases;
fix - TMAP is generated in some cases for PGCs in multiPGC titles.

Thanks for update. Actually it is 3.3.2