DVDRemake seamlessly merging dvd's

I know have three dvd’s, two of 1 GB and one of 2,5 GB
I want to merge them
Know how to do that

But i would like those dvd’s to be played one after another without going back to the menu, generated by DVD Remake (I don’t bother about the menu)

How am i going to do that??


It can be done, but require command editing.
When you join DVD, you will end up with main menu and each DVD in its own VTS.
Find PGC for each title and change Post command “Exit” to Call VTS menu (Type3, Cell1) that will get you to Root menu of that VTS.
Root menu has Pre Command “Resume” you have to change that.
Now the fun start.
Each VTS has already a PGC in VMG domain to direct to each DVD’s VTS, use trace to find which one it is and than change Resume to “Call VMG PGC #”, where # is the PGC number in VMG which direct to next DVD’s VTS title.
This you have to do for every one, till you get to last play.

This works for simple DVD, without menus. If DVD has its own menus, than it may get little more complicated.
In that case, since you care about video only, I would hide all menus for those DVD and go from there, or try to figure out the way. Principle is same.

As long as you don’t want a menu it can be done easily with DVDShrink in Re-author mode.

Using DVD Shrink, rip each DVD to a different folder.

Then use DVD Shrink’s [B]Open Files[/B] to open the first folder .
Then hit the [B]Re-author button[/B], and drag the first title from the right
side to the left side of the window.
Then use the drop down arrow at the top of the right side to select the
folder with the next ripped DVD, and drag the first title to the left
Repeat for each subsequent folder.

At this point your can trim the start/ends if you like and change the order if needed.

Hit [B]Back Up[/B] when you have all ready for burning.

i will try yhe dvdshrink one

i will try yhe dvdshrink one

it works
thnx again