DVDReMake Pro

Hello guys, new member here, and had a question about this cool software piece DVDReMake Pro.

… I had two smaller DVD movies, both about 2gigs each, and wanted to get them onto 1 DVD5 disk. I also wanted a menu to start in the beginning of loading to prompt me which movie i wanted to view. So i stumbled upon this software which claims to do exactly that.


So, i did exactly what i was supposed to, merged both DVDs into one, it added the menu for me automatically… i burned it, but when i put it in the DVD player, … i don’t get much. The menu only pops up if i push “menu” on my controller, and i can only view movie #1. The second movie i can’t watch… trying to access the second button wasn’t possible in the menu !

– Just wondering if any of you have experience with this program or type of problem… and if you don’t, maybe could offer me another solution to do just this. ( i also have DVDLab Pro which i havent tried using yet, DVDReMake seemed a lot easier)

Thanks very much in advance!!

nero vision express will create a simple menu for you and put both movies on the disc. the menu is sufficient as is, but also customizable enough if you really want to play with it.

dvd shrink is free and in reauthor mode can join 2 movies on the same disc, but won’t allow a menu.

Those are the two I’m familiar with, but I’m sure there are MANY more options…some probably much more complicated with authoring your own menus, etc, etc.

I don’t have any experience with DVDRemake Pro, but if anyone else does, I’m sure you’d rather hear that response if you’ve already paid for the software.

are you on a trial or did you buy it already? There’s nothing worse than buying software and not being satisfied with it. I won’t buy anything that doesn’t offer a fully functional free trial of at least 14 days.

That’s strange, you should get the disk selection menu at start-up. To access the second movie, press “Title” on your remote. It’ll bring you to this disk selection menu. Pressing “menu” will bring you to the root menu of the movie, if you have any menus at all for that movie.

I understand your reason, but it was decided that fully functional free trial is open hole to software being cracked, so it’s better not to have full functionality at all in the demo. If the demo works as expected, then the full version will work as well.

i understand this reasoning as well. I wasn’t trying to imply that the software doesn’t work. I apologize if that’s what it sounded like. I don’t even know what features are and aren’t included in the DVD Remake Pro demo. That’s just my general rule of thumb.

it’s really the programs that offer no trial at all that REALLY raise the red flag

I was just giving alternate suggestions, but like i said, I’m sure he wants help with the program that he’s paid for (i would too!)

It’s all right if you don’t know. I was not implying anything as well. :slight_smile:

All functionalities are included in the demo, except that it will cut to 15-sec of each cell upon export. AFAIK, the demo will not work with test export, and with multi-angle and interleaved cells, as they are very difficult to cut. Rest assure that the registered version will.

Hey Gents,

Thanks for the quick replies, appreciate the information and effort, and i think i may opt for trying the Nero Vision option…

What i’ve noticed now tho is that these two movies for some reason have a small little menue in them already, before i merge them… these were originally Divx films, and i converted them to DVD format. So, after i got the VTS created for both films, i converted them both to ISOs, just to test them with Alcohol 120. I run them with Alcohol, and the first thing i’m seeing is a very basic screen with the film title - then, i have to click the title and the movie will start. Now, when i import the VTS folders to DVDreMake, i am seeing those menus present in the file structure…

Two questions, is it, first, normal to get these little pointless menus after converting a file from Divx to DVD?..
Secondly, should i be deleting these menus in DVDreMake ? as they may conflict with the entire routine? i’m guessing not as other dvds that may be merged have a much more comprehensive menu that is maintained in the entire process.

Thanks much,

Do you want to use NVE or DRM, or are you trying to learn both?

You may now be double posting since you’re working on the same problem. I’m gonna answer your questions in DvdReMake forum.