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There are many applications available for the Windows platform for editing, shrinking, ripping and copying DVD movies. Some applications try to be an all-in-one solution, offering copy, shrink, and burn. DimadSoft’s DvdReMake Pro specializes in a specific task which is empowering you to present your DVD movie just the way you want it.

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3.1 as of August 02 2005

oh cool going fast lately tyvm

Subchannel is the data on a cd. The proper term should be subtitle and not subchannel.

really good program, but a program called VOB Blanker is just as good, granted a lot harder and the GUI isn’t no where near as wizard base as this, but for funcionality Vob Blanker does what this does, and i feel that if support continues, one day Vob blanker could just be as good, or better?

And Vob Blanker is FREE!!!

DVD Decrypter’s developer has been blackmailed out of business and all development on DVD Shrink has also ceased. Fortunately, AnyDVD is still around and still helping customer to remove Rights Destruction Technology and allow (US) consumers to exercise their legal right to make back up/archive copies of their legally purchased DVDs. Hollywood and the recording industry, the only industries I know of which treat ALL of their customers as criminals. And, at least in the US, our tax money* goes to these very same companies who are so desperate to strip us of our rights. Every blank CDR sold in the US has a tax on it. This money is then paid out to the record companies despite the latter’s (so far thankfully laughable) attempts to keep the money and deprive us of our rights.

This sounds like the threo thet got Bush in the White house, The Oil Co’s brother, Time Warrner, O lest not forget Microsoft?Yes Bill geve record amounts to this ORG. We lost the Consatution,becouse of not doing any thing,mabie it is time for some one to do somthing? Not me tho,I’m stuck in a weelchair:(

Great tool. Use it very frequently and even though i am a novice in DVD authoring i can achieve very good results with it. Higly recommended and worth the money asked.

The best DVD editing software available!!

Not the best use with latest burning programs like Convertxtodvd at 8x speed, but use 4x speed with this medai is ok with the program. But perfect for using 8x speed with Imgburn, Nero, Roxio CDeasy, etc. Not sure about other software.

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