DVDRemake Pro crashes everytime in Vista



The title says it all. I’ve tried different movies, different file locations, checking to make sure my version is the latest available, etc. Everytime I use it, I go to Export the DVD, it crashes to the BSOD and reboots the PC at around the 30-40% complete mark.

Any ideas?


Is this Vista 32-bit or 64-bit?

I don’t have Vista, but you can try running the program under XP compatibility mode to see if it works.


It is Vista 32-bit. I tried switching to XP Compatible and it still crashed…

Are you able to use it with Vista?


As I said, I don’t have Vista. Don’t plan on upgrading it until it is stable and all programs and drivers I use have been updated to support such system.

Only Dimad can help you if he has Vista.

How 'bout try to do a test export with no modification to see if you’ll get a BSOD? Is there another compatibility mode available - if so, try it?


lol :o

Sorry about that. I’ll try exporting without modifications in a bit (after my PC finishes up another program) and let you know what happens. I did try switching to Windows 2000 compatible a few days ago and I still had the same problem…

On a side note, do you know if DVDRM leaves any setting files, config files, temp files, etc stored anywhere on my PC? Maybe I can delete them if it does…


Update: I exported to DVD without modifications to the DVD and it still crashed.


Other than DvdReMake.log, saved project files, and configurations in the registry, none that I know of. You could search for DvdReMake in the registry and delete the whole key and restart the program. All your customized settings under Tools -> Options will be reset. But I doubt it will make much difference. Or you may have the situation that Dimad describes in doom9, try that and let us know how it works out.

btw, have you tried the test export or export modified files?


I have run it in the past with Vista32 and no problems and have used it scores of times. I currently run Vista64 and ditto, still NO problems.

My suspicion, since you get a BSOD, is that your driver is suspect.


You must have been right. I have a new PC with Vista 64 bit and everything works beautifully.