Dvdremake importing subpicture with buttons

I have devised a new menu with buttons in DVD Menu Studio, then fed it through Muxman for use in dvdRemakePro. Without success. I get the menu but no buttons. I can add buttons in dvdRemake but they don’t align with my background page. I’ve followed the help pages from DVDRM, but so far the only thing that’s worked is using the menu that comes with the program, which is not too great-looking. I want to use DVDRM because I’m combining two DVDs on a dl DVD. Each of these dvds has a menu on top of which I impose a master menu, hence the need for dvdrm. I’ve been able to burn a disc (with a newly created menu) where everything works but the highlighting. I could go with dvdrm menu and be done with it, but I’m kind of hooked now on solving this. More like a puzzle than a problem, but I’d like to figure out how to crack it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Check the menus in DVDSubEdit. You’ll be able to see the button highlights and realign them, if needed.


Thanks for your suggestion. I tried doing what you said. Dropped muxman dummy vob that I created into dvdSubEdit. The program froze on me. Strong indication I’m doing something wrong. The menu I devised works fine in the preplay window of DVD Menu Studio. I exported it with two frames. normal and overlay, which was the suggested setting for Generic exportation. The two bmp files extrapolated I plugged into Muxman. Since it’s this Muxman vob that freezes dvdSubEdit, the problem must lie here. Do my DVD Menu Studio background bmp and subpicture bmp must be faulty.

In dvdReMake after importing the dummy menu I added buttons editing them to match the xy coordinates of the buttons I created in DVD Menu Studio. This displays the background menu with the buttons completely transparent revealing the first subpicture color, red, but no highlights. The background button color is obviously completely and irreversibly transparent. I read the dvdReMake guides on menus. One of them devised a new menu with button placement distinctly different from the template the dvd ReMake provides. So apparently a “new” menu can be imported successfully into dvdReMake. Most of the guides, however, had the same problem I had. Lost buttons had to add buttons. Success met in these only when the still picture was replaced, leaving the dvdReMake template button anchored in their original positions.

I’m still very new at this. I intend to keep reading the help sections and manuals of these programs. Thanks again for your response. I don’t expect an answer to this. I’m not sure there is one. May simply be imcompatibility.