DVDremake HELP! cant highlight/select episode



Hi, many of you have already heard my problem. I was trying to edit the text in a motion dvd menu and I used dvd remake to create a still image menu instead. After completing this, I tried to play the newly exported dvd on my computer and it worked fine, I was able to click the part I wanted to watch and my new edit text on the menu was there too. Now when I tried to play the dvd on my home dvd player, I was unable to select the part I wanted to watch because I wasnt able to move the dvd cursor to highlight what part I wanted to watch. As seen in this picture, this is my menu and you highlight the part you want to watch with your cursor. It worked on my computer dvd player but not on my home dvd player. SO can you guys please help me out so I will be able to play the movie on my home dvd player and highlight/select the part of the dvd I want to watch.

Also just to add in, I tried to play the orginal dvd (the one that wasnt edited with my new text) on my home dvd player and I was able to highlight/select the episode I want. It was only after I edited the menu with dvdremake that I couldnt highlight/select the part I wanted, basically making the dvd unwatchable. So any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try doing it using the latest version (3.5 at the moment).


I only have version 3.4 pro. So guys I cant upgrade cause I dont want to spend any more money. So please help me out. THANKS IN ADVANCE!


enable subpicture tracks


BS. If you are a registered user you don’t have to spend any more money. All minor releases are free for them to download.


Alright how do you enable subpicture tracks?


Can anyone give me a step by step guide how to enable subpicture tracks in dvdremake pro version 3.4? I am very new to this and just want to be able to highlight the buttons while playing my dvd on my home dvd player. Thanks


open your dvd, and open the title set. Then above the large video you can see is a box with audio tracks already highlighted. Next to it is subpicture tracks. Select the file within subpicture tracks, and select enable. (or nnavigate to this option).


I think I see what you mean but I dont really get it. Here are some screen captures of what I did. I clicked on video manager as seen in “1” and I clicked on Video title set 1 as seen in picture “2”. I see video screenshots when I click on title set but when I click on video manager I see the menu. THere are no subpicture tracks when I click on video title set but there is one subpicture track when I click on video manager. So whats the problem?


you have to expand the menu under the vts


Hey I did expand the video title set menu and here is a screenshot. But once I expand it I dont know what do to. Honestly I am such a new person with this and need like a step by step help or at least detailed info so I know exactly what to do. Thanks


ok, from the screenshot it looks like the menu will be in the video manager under pcg3


Ok but then what do I do with pcg3? Like what do I click and enable and how do I do this?


highlight the subpicture track and either right click —> edit or just press space bar. another box will pop up. Then click enabled.


I tried that and this is what happened with one of my created dvds. PGC subpicture track was already enabled. Here is a screenshot. So if that was already enabled and I still cant highlight my selection on my home dvd player what is wrong?


Then you will have to change he colours under clut (two over from subpicture tracks)


Alright it still didnt work. I tried playing the DVD and I still couldnt highlight my selection. I dont know if this is a dvd burning problem or what. After I exported the dvd to a folder on my hard drive, I played the contents of the folder using windows media player as seen here in this picture. I was able to select the part and the highlight color changed worked as well. Unfortunately after I burn the dvd using Clone DVD, I cant hightlight anything. I played the dvd using powerdvd on my computer and it didnt work and I tried on my home dvd player and it didnt work. What is weird is that it works in Windows media player. Also with the original unedited disc that I was trying to edit the text on, this plays perfectly in every program on my comp and every dvd player in my house. I can highlight the parts on the original disc, but not on the disc that I tried to change. So I dont know what is going on. But can you please help.


Clonedvd doesnt work well with dvdremake pro, as it re-writes the ifo’s. Download dvdshrink. Its free and will sort out your problem.


How can I burn dvd’s with this if it says

“DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD disks. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disk. DVD Shrink does not burn DVDs! The output from DVD Shrink is saved as files on your hard drive, which you can then burn to a DVD-R using separate burning software, such as the software provided with your DVD-R drive.”

I want to burn the files I exported with dvdremake and put them on a blank disc. SO what should I do? And could you guide me through this thanks!


just open shrink, and in the top left hand corner it will say “open files”, open the folder and shrink will scan through all the files. Then click file —> backup, and make an iso image. Let shrink complete, then open clonedvd2 up. Click “write existing data” —> then open up your iso image under “iso/udf image”. Then select a suitable burn speed then you should be set :wink: