DVDremake - editing out scene of movie - lose sound

I am trying to use DVD Remake to edit out short bits of movies to cut out excess profanity for my kids viewing. I am able to cut and hide the bits of scenes I find objectionable,but have two issues.

  1. Upon burning and playing back the newly edited DVD, the sound stops playing shortly after my edit points, and can only be regained by ejecting the DVD and starting again. If I use chapter selection to jump to a point past my edit point, the sound plays as normal. When arriving at the next point I have edited, the sound soon cuts out again.

  2. There is a bit of digital blockiness at the edit points for a second, then the picture returns to good quality.

I only see rave reviews of this DVD Remake product, and thought it would be perfect for editing out short bits of movies. I dont see others with this issue. Any ideas on solutions to these two issues? I cannot really use the output of the programs this way. :cool: Thanks very much .

An update to this sound issue. It is no longer a problem. The scene edited DVD plays perfectly both on my computer, using Power DVD, and on my older set top DVD player. The lost sound issue only occurs when played on my newer DVD player, which has built in Up Conversion, to enhance the picture from 480p to 1080i. This upconverting improves the picture using DCDi technology by Faroudja. While it does a nice job on all factory DVDs, it obviously gets lost trying to upconvert on a DVD in which I have edited out scenes. If I have only edited out an entire block, using the Hide Block command, it plays fine on either player. I am satisfied. I will just use my regular DVD player for playback of these scene modified DVD movies.

I could still use help however on the digital blocks that appear at the edited points during playback on either machine. This only occures on roughly half of the edits. Some jump perfectly cleanly through the edited portion, and some display digital blocky noise for a second as it moves past the cutout section. Any ideas? Thank you very much.

What version are you using?

I assume you’re cutting in the middle of the block? Did you use the “Split here” and “Cut to/from here” method?

btw, IMHO, if there’s too much profanity, it’s better not let the kids watch it. There are plenty of other movies for them to see.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am using version 3.3 of the basic DVD ReMake, not the Pro version.
Yes, the edits that result in digital blocks showing, are from edits done as you describe.

I do a right click and “Split here” command to divide the clip. Then I select the newly made block and play it until the “objectionable portion” is over. Then I right click at that point and choose “Cut to here” to get rid of the objectionable portion. If the portion to be removed is close to the end of the block, I go to the beginning of the portion to be cut, and do a “Cut from here” to remove from there to the end of the block. Sometimes the edited places play smoothly, and sometimes they show a frame or two of digital blocks before getting back to normal.

If I use “hide this block” to remove an entire block of Warning screens for example, it always plays smoothly and perfectly.

Our family loves to laugh with movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, or Dumb and Dumber. With the two or three short objectionable moments removed, they are even more relaxing and fun to watch. We are happy to have a program such as this to be able to enjoy whatever we like.

Beset Regards.

There’s an updated version for important bugfixes, so check it out.

I have not experienced this digital blocks showing from what you described. I used to do this with episodic disks where there are similar intros and endings in the same VTS.

Do you see this digital block in software player? Is this like a glitch?

Not sure if this relates to Open/Closed GOPs or missing some info from removed navpacks.

Maybe Dimad would want to take a look at this trouble before-and-after clip as this deals with vob cutting. Let’s wait for his input.

It is most probably does. DvdReMake cuts off whole GOPs (about 1/2 of a second of a movie). When GOP is open it means that it uses some info from previous GOP to decode first frames in it. If previous GOP was deleted then player can’t decode these first frames properly. GOP can be marked to indicate that links to previous GOP are broken and players are supposed to ignore frames that need info from previous GOP for decoding. Unfortunately some (actually many) players do not honor this info.