DVDRemake Edited DVDs not playable by Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center does not play some DVD’s that I have edited with DVDRemake. I edit on one PC and then copy over to my Windows Media Center server. Most others I have edited work fine. I usually hide all the non-movie areas and I was wondering if this is the issue (like the copy write protection warnings, etc.)

Also, I don’t see any way of restoring them after I have hid them. Any tips would be appreciated.

lind777, welcome to MyCE.

There are very few of us in the forums who use DVDRemake. I’m certainly not one of them.

There are a couple of things to try. The first thing I would do would be to run the edited dvd through FixVTS and see if that sorts it out.


You could also try using PGCEdit to remove extraneous bits in the movie. To do this load the dvd-video, click on DVD near the top of the window in PGCEdit and then click [I]Remove useless stuff[/I]. Yes, that is the actual command.

Thanks for the tip. It did not work though.

Are you using DVDRemake simply to blank menus?
Or another way of saying, are you using the movie only on your server?
If so, there are other easier ways of doing the same thing.

I use it to edit out inappropriate for children scenes. I also remove the copyright warnings and extra feature sections. Thanks.

It sounds like you are still allowing part of the menu to be present in output as well as editing part(s) of movie.
I either use the whole menu, with all its parts or do away with the menu.
There are programs that can make new simple menus but they do away with
original menu, several are free.
Generally what you are doing, if I correctly understand would require the use 2 programs.
Most of the time, I use movie only, deleting out the menu.
DVDFab can do this, using the free portion, selecting movie only setting.
I use MPEG Video Wizard to delete parts of video but there is also Videoredo as well
as some freeware programs that will do this…off the top of my head, I forget what they are named…perhaps MPG2CUT2 is one of them.
Both MPEG Video Wizard and VideoRedo can also make a simple menu.

Hopefully others will see this thread and be able to advise you better regarding DVDRemake or other ways to accomplish you want to do.

Do the dvds play at all now that they are edited? I mean, have you tried them in an alternate player like Media Player Classic Home Cinema or VLC?

If you can play them in one of those software players, you might be able to salvage them using other tools, and get something that will work in Windows Media Center.

Personally, I’d demux the audio and video and use my dvd authoring program. But it isn’t free.

There are alternatives if you don’t mind losing the original menu, and if these edited dvds actually play in something. Let us know and we can probably walk you through reauthoring them.