DVDRemake D'load Restrictions!

Hi to all. Has everyone seen the new download restrictions imposed by DimadSoft on their “Paying Customers”? As a registered user, I now feel as though I’m being punished for paying good hardearned money. Limiting d’loads to 48 hours and 5 times max is NOT what I paid for. Furthermore, these new changes are infact a breech of the “agreement”. According to the agreement, under sec ‘Grant of license’, second paragraph, first sentense, it reads, quote “You will receive an access to download area of licensor site and will be able to download software when you need to.”

(WHEN YOU NEED TO!) may be within 48 hours. I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

Actually it was implemented as a convenience feature.

“Maximum 5” is the amount of stored IDs you’ve used in the past. So that you can download copies of your registered program in just one click without the need to enter Computer ID. These you can download at any time when you need it.

When you download a copy for a 6th+ ID it will replace the oldest stored ID. And there is NO restrictions on how many times you can do it.

48 hours restriction is only for adding new Computer ID to the list, i.e. there is a 48 hours wait period between downloads for different (not previously) used Computer IDs.

We seriously doubt that there are users who have licensed copy of the DvdReMake (Pro) installed on more than 5 computers.

Thank you for your explanation. However, I don’t see why anyone would have the need to download the program with a previous id very often. I never have. There’s only 2 reasons why I would have to re_d’load. 1: I may have made H’ware changes or 2: I’ve reloaded windows, which in either case requires a new ID. As for the 48 hour restriction, if someone has 2 computers like me, it’s more of a hinderance because I like to update both at the same time when a new version is available. Now I have to wait 48 hours before I can update the program on the second pc…(some people are ‘do it straight away’ people).

…I don’t see why anyone would have the need to download the program with a previous id very often…

As we can see from downloads logs users get ID of their computers changed much less frequent then we release new versions.

…if someone has 2 computers like me, it’s more of a hinderance because I like to update both at the same time when a new version is available…

By that time you will already have both IDs in the list and will be able to download them.

Ok, forget the five number thing. It is of no convenience to me whatsoever because I retain the D’load which I can use as many times as I want, hence the reason why I don’t see the point of re D’loading previous id’s, and why I don’t see the need for the list. The main issue here is the fact that I can no longer download new ID D’loads at my discretion. The point is, if someone has to dowload the program with new id twice within the 48 hours (for whatever reason), they can’t.

Given that I just purchased this software, and that I want to be able to use it on my desktop when home right now. And my laptop later today when I go out, and that the licensing provided says that I should be able to the 48 hour restriction is in violation of our agreement. Please correct this for new purchasers.

Perhaps you should implement a 48 grace period for new or upgrading users where such a restriction does not apply since they could not obviously have built a list of IDs yet for their newly purchased or newly upgraded to product.

Dimad quickly addressed this issue for me and I was able to download the copy to my laptop without a problem. I call that good customer service and attention to the needs and requests of your customers.

Thank you for your post Zarish. This is great news for you and good customer service for you at least, however what about all the existing customers? Wouldn’t it be fair if everyone got that service since nobody else would have built up a list of id’s either at the time of the implementation of the restriction. I had to wait 48 hours to d’load again to my laptop. (For me, not good service).

P.S. It shouldn’t even be there!

@wilderbeast: Sorry, hope it was not to much troubles. Next time just send us an email we will try to do our best to resolve the problem as soon as we can.

@Dimad: Thank you. May I enquire as to what your intentions are and why the restriction was implemented?

p.s. I did email Dimad for an explanation but as yet have had no reply, however I understand that you must receive lots of emails.

Does reloading windows (with the same CD and serial number) actually produce a different computer code?

I’ve gone on spats where I’ve formatted+reinstalled windows multiple times in a row, would I have to get a new computer code every time?

I don’t see where this limitation would cause much of a problem, sure, you’d have to wait 2 days, but you only have to do it once… it’s not that big of a deal. On the other hand, if you’re trying to hand the software out to all your friends, it would be a pain, because they may not want to wait 2 days. :sad:

It may.

But even this should not be a problem as nobody usually reinstalls windows every day. Well if anybody does it then most probably there are some real troubles with computer and s/he would not care about DvdReMake :bigsmile: :wink: :iagree: