DVDRemake disc missing a menu



I used VideReMake to merge 2 different DVD’s. This went without a hitch. If I open the file I can see that usually terrible screen that allows you to choose if you wish to play video 1 or video 2. It plays this way with Powerdvd & VLC player.

Unfortunately the file is too large to burn onto a DVD & needs to be shrunk a bit. I have opening the file using DVDShrink & find that it opens OK but that that startup screen isn’t there. Since I have never known for DVDShrink to fail I had burned a DVD before I found out, How do I shrink file & get it to play correctly on a DVD with all of the menus’?


Use normal mode or the titles are not usable.


Some additional informatiom would help.
1.What is the “Merged” file size ?
2. Will the burn be to a SL or DL DVD disc ?

If you are compressing to SL you are aware that the quailty will be low.


The merged size was about 12GB. I had intended to burn it into DL 8.5gb disc once it had bee shrink.


Use Full disc . Edit/Preferences set Target DVD size DVD-9 .
Highlight top line in DVD structure . Select Backup .
Also since you use DVDShrink make other settings you usually would.
Analyze if you want to.
Test with VLC when finished.