DVDRegion+CSS Vista problem

Not sure whether it is RegionFree+CSS that causes this, but installing the last version (Oct2006) under Vista seems to have killed the Autoplay Handler for my USB and SDCard slots.

Before installing, if I inserted a USB key or SDCard, I would get an autoplay dialog box come up. Now this has gone completely whenever I insert a device. I have run through all the troubleshooting steps for autoplay, and nothing fixes it. Something (maybe RegionFree+CSS) has broken the autoplay handler for these devices.

Autoplay still works for DVD-R/W drive - it is just the removeable drive handler that is damaged?

Any ideas fengtao?

PS “disable autoplay option” is NOT set in Options either…

Try this method. Go to start button, select “Run” and type gpedit.msc
Here browse the tree on the left to search the following:
Computer Configuration --> Administrative templates --> System.
Search for Turn off Autoplay. Right click and select Properties and change this option in Enabled.
Do the same thing in User congifuration --> Administrative templates --> System
This should solve

Thanks for responding.

You do realise that I’m not trying to turn Autoplay off, don’t you? Or are you suggesting I should turn autoplay off and then reset it on again to reset the broken code?

I’m not trying to disable autoplay, but get it working properly again, as something (possibly DVDRegionFree+CSS) seems to have broken the autohandler detection event for removeable hard drives and SD Cards.


I believe you can enable or disable using the same process can’t you :confused:

Yes; but the point is - autoplay is actually enabled on my pc, but it isn’t working properly anymore since I installed RegionFree+CSS.


PLEASE…check this website to see if it may help you

You may also want to check out The Autoplay Repair Wizard from microsoft at the website below

Stormjumper, thanks for those leads, I’ll have a look and see if they still work OK under Vista.


Good luck Nigel