Dvdregion + Css Free Serial Number

i have dvdregion + css free but its only a trial version. i really like this program but i have only got 3 days left. anyone know the serial number??? could you PLEASE :bow: send it to my emial addy: (Removed) THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Have you ever thought of buying the program. I mean, why not support the developers with some money when you are happy with the program?

BTW: Such requests are against our forum rules (on which you have applied when you joined), So please re-read the rules before posting again and consider yourself warned :cop:

You like it and it works for you. Buy it and receive free upgrades. I have a lot of programs that I wish that I could have tried them free for 30 days. People who try to find free keys usually get what they deserve; all kinds of malware that may crash your computer. Also if you find freeware, you should send a donation.