DVDRebuilder and Quenc



I tried Rebuilder with Quenc for the first time. I usually just use AnyDVD/CloneDVD but King Kong is 3 hrs. and I figured the compression would be too high for my 50" Sony. I know CCE is supposed to be better but I wouldn’t need it that much so I went with the free stuff. My question is: I used Quenc settings of "High Quality Mode (slower:) and “Trellis Quantization (very slow)” it took 488 min. (8+ hrs.) to process the already ripped files. Is the Trellis mode worth the trouble?
Can someone tell me the best settings for quality that deosn’t take so long.
Is HC better and/or faster than Quenc?
I thought CCE basic only allowed 3 passes, is this true and how long does it take? I don’t mind 3-4 hrs. if the quality is very good, but 8 hrs. is a little much. Thanks.


I’ve used DVD rebuilder and CCE 2.7, and copied “The lord of the rings” which is about the same amount of time…the result was stunning with only 2 passes, with 3 passes being better still…I wouldn’t recommend useing more pass, IMO more passes are a waist of time…

But really CCE is the way to go…It’s preaty fast considering i use it on a AMD Athlon 2000 xp+…I get and encode speed of around x1.25 normal video speed…

You can expect a copy to take 3-4 hrs if you set DVD rebuilder to make the .ISO as well…Thats with all the extras and menus and audio tracks… :bigsmile:


HC is better than QuEnc and there aren’ t problems with rec. 601 colorimetry videos (contrast)

It is similar to CCE and very fast…