DVDRAM I/O error with new SATA driver

I’ll start by stating I believe I know what the problem is, I just don’t know how to correct it.

Problem is running Decrypter and Shrink cause errors. When starting Decrypter, I get this error:

Device: [1:0:0] HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B A105 (D: ) (ATA)
Unable to enable media change noification
Reason: The parameter is incorrect

I get a sightly different error just before Shrink [Nero] tries to write a DVD and fails. Based on a couple of searches, this is a problem associated with the “new” siI3114 driver. The Decrypter error can be cured by un-checking the Disable Media Change Notification option in Decrypter … but the error still occur’s in Shrink [Nero].

If I create an ISO with Shrink, then write the ISO via Nero, I’m 95% good.

Bottom line, there are a number of new drivers out from SI for the siI3114 chipset, but all cause this error except version 1.1.00.

Does anyone know any corrective action to cure this problem. The raid run’s much better with the newer BIOS and driver than the original as shipped from ASUS … It seems a waste to run the old drivers and Bios

Hardware …
Asus A8N SLi Deluxe AMD X2 4400+
1g Corsair XMS
2 - BFG 6600GT’s [SLi] or 3 monitor config
Raid 10 on nForce chipset [4 x seagate 320]
Raid 0 on Silicon Image siI3114 [2 x seagate 160]



Have you connected HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B with a SATA -> IDE converter?

I had exactly the same problem when I allowed Windows Update to install an updated driver for my SIL 3112 SATA PCI card. Unfortunately that driver version was for a BIOS version more recent than mine.

It’s vitally important with these cards that the driver matches the BIOS version & as soon as I corrected this by installing the matching driver all was well again.

I’ve actually logged this problem & solution on the ImgBurn forum.