DVDR985 trouble

For some reason I cant open the disc tray and on the front it says AB FFCF 2F. Can someone tell me what this means and how I can fix it? It wont let me go to the menu anymore and I cant open the tray either. Thanks

Can anybody help me?? And also, is there any way to change my recording settings to let it record the full 2 hours on the dvd? BTW, I dont have the manual that’s why i’m asking these questions.

Hi Savai and welcome to the forum :flower:.

Could you let us know what the country code of your 985 is? It will be the suffix after the model number i.e. DVDR985/xxx. This way I can at least point you to a pdf of the manual :).

There are some instructions (click here) at the bottom of the sticky thread on the main Philips sub-forum page, that will tell you how to get the tray open (forget point ‘1’ and the bit in ‘2’ about having a disc in the unit):

The procedure:[ol]
[li]Before starting, make sure you have burned a CD with the firmware you want to downgrade to.[/li]> [li]Make sure there is no disc in the unit. Some models have a slot at the bottom of the unit that can be used to open the tray if it refuses to open normally*. [/li]> [li]Switch off the unit at the wall plug.[/li]> [li]On the front panel, hold in the <RECORD> and <EJECT> buttons at the same time, and keeping them held, switch on the power at the wall again. Keep holding the buttons until the disc tray opens.[/li]> [/ol]*A more detailed procedure for manual opening of the tray on the HDRW72x, DVDR98x, 7x and 61x:
There should be a small slot on the lower side of the unit near the front and center of the disc assembly. By sliding a small plastic numb from one side to the other unlocks the door so it can maually be opened the rest of the way. You will need a strong, thin object to slide that release nub. A small knife or nail would work. Of course you should follow all safety precaution such as removing power and not damaging anything else.

A couple of other questions: Has the machine just suddenly displayed this error message, or have you had problems before? Do you know what firmware there is already on the machine?

Thanks, I’ll try it this later. I’m not at home right now so I cant get that country code. But could someone also help me on the problem about the recording length? It would record for about 20 minutes and then stop. I cant get it to record for longer than that.

The recording length for DVD recordable discs should be selectable from 1 hour, 2 hour, 2.5 hour, etc from the machine’s main menu. However if you can’t get into the menu because of the error message, then this information isn’t going to be of much use.

It sounds as if you are using bad discs, or that the machine is not functioning properly. Did you by any chance just acquire this recorder?

yeah, I just got this recorder not too long ago

Can anyone help? Does anyone know how I can select the different times because i’m not sure how or why it just stops recording after about 20 minutes

Savai, I answered this question already. Have you got the tray open and the machine is working now? If so, please find the information I asked for in post #3.