DVDR985 Help Please!

I have been having numerous record and even playback issues (brand new movies generate “No Disc” errors) with my early 2001 DVDR985. I have upgraded FW in the past without problems and I downloaded the latest (FF12x) from the Philips site for my model (DVDR985/171). I installed CDBurnerXP Pro 3.1 and carefully followed the instructions from this forum and the Philips site to burn the CD (ISO Level 2, MX-A mode 2, and 2x burn speed). The first FW CD was about half-way complete when “DV Failed” appeared on the screen. I had to do a “Forced Down” to open the tray… I then followed Mr Olsen’s instructions and burned a 2nd CD with only the five files listed in the DVDR1000.001 file for my SYS ID 11318107 (DI110399.001, AN310399.001, DV810111.001, BE070021.001 and DL110141.001) and the DVDR1000.001 file. This FW CD also made it about 50% before I got the “DV Failed” error again…

Can someone tell me does this error message refer to “Disc Verification” or the actual DV810111.001 file (is it corrupt??)? Has anyone else had this issue and how did you get beyond it? My player is a $700 paper-weight at this point and I just want to get it working again… DOn’t even care about recording anymore, just want to use it as a player…

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately the early Philips DVD recorders were very un-reliable and as for your DVDR985 being so old Philips won’t attempt to repair it for free.
If they do it’s only a matter of a short time before it packs up again.
Your best bet is to bin it and get a newer recorder such as the Philips DVD3400 recorder.
At least it’s under £200 so when it does give up working it won’t be an expensive mistake.
I know all about Philips from experience. :frowning:

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it appears I don’t have any other choice but to get a new recorder, but I can’t see myself buying another Philips product ever again. They must be aware of these issues, especially with their 1st-generation recorders, and should be offering those customers a significant rebate on a new model if they had any idea how to foster customer loyalty…

Admittedly the later Philips models seem to be a lot more reliable and the DVDR3400 does seem good value.
It has a ‘high quality’ (1 Hour) record mode and a DV in which is essential for anyone with a camcorder. :cool: