DVDR880 with error message - repair or just dump it?



Hi to you all

I have looked at the forums archives for some help on the following errors but I could find no answer. Not even google obliged some info.

I am new to this forum and am looking for some technical help on a Philips DVDR 880. This machine is displaying these “codes” when powered on - D7FFFCB0C for about 2 seconds and then gets stuck on AE00EFA. No button on the unit or the remote works. Nothing whatsoever. If unplugged from wall socket and powered again displays the same message. Local dealer has written it off as being “not worth repairing” as it has “laser problems worth almost 3/4 of what it was bought for”.

Any one have any ideas? Is it worth pursuing a repair or just dump it?


Try searching the old forum for “Latest repair procedure”…


Thanks for tip re: the old forum. The problem is I do not live in the UK! The local dealer asked for an enormous some of money to replace a faulty laser, they said and they only came back with this answer after 5 months that the unit was at their workshops.
I have seen a tip on the Philips website saying that the error this unit is getting is related to static build up. I still need to check if it works though. If you have any more tips please do not hesitate to forward them :stuck_out_tongue: