DVDR824DP: Can not read DVD discs



I have a strange problem that has just appeared with a previously working DVDR824DP.
The drive can NOT read the following:
Puchased DVD Videos
Home burnt DVD Video discs (-R)

The drive can read the following:
SVCD (created by me)
CDROM data discs

Out of desperation i flashed the P3.3 firmware (previously it was P3.0) with the same results.

As stated above, the drive was functioning fine and I also have burnt many -R discs with the drive without any problems.

When a DVD disc is inserted and I click on the drive in My Computer then i see an empty list. Trying to switch to the drive in dos, i get “The device is not ready.”.

ASPI is the following:
ASPI32.SYS 4.70
WINASPI.DLL 4.60 (1021)
WOWPOST.EXE 4.60 (1021)

Any other information that might be usefull?

In despeation!


If I was in your situation I would try the drive in another PC to verify the problem still persists, if so then the drive is more than likely defective I’m afraid & needs to be replaced.


Perhap the -R is not finalized. Being a +R founder, it is not surprise Philips does not want to support -R. :bigsmile:


He states factory pressed DVD-ROM discs aren’t working either so I doubt its that.


I agree that I should check the drive in another PC as the next step. I also thought that if I still have no luck on this second PC that I may attempt to dismantle the drive and clean the lens.
I had a similar problem with my sons PS2. It would play PS2 games but not DVD Videos. I used some rubbing alcohol and compressed air on the lens and this solved the problem. I’m thinking that the DVD laser maybe more susceptible to dust or dirt than the CD laser due to a different wavelength. I don’t particularly want to dismantle the drive but with no receipt for the drive I don’t see any other chance.

  1. Has anyone dismantled a drive to clean the lens or similar?
  2. Are my assumptions above correct? Any thoughts on this approach would be welcomed too.

I don’t think the -R format has anything to do with my problem as purchased DVD videos also do not work. I probably clouded the issue by mentioning it in my original post.