DVDR80 No Record

Anyone have an idea why my DVDR80 will not record

It starts to record (I have tried many differant makes of disks and speeds) after a few min I get a disk error and have to power off to put right, it play’s disk’s fine but just will not record, I have not upgraded firmware and Philips have said the will pay 50% the repair bill if I have the bill I bought if with, I have not and its only 18 months old.


Did you buy this machine from new? If so, and you haven’t got the original bill, then a bank statement should be sufficient for proof of purchase.

There are some known problems with DVDR80s fitted with faulty optical pickup units (the laser). The vast majority of problems were on the DVDR880/890, but Philips have stated that they’ll extend the guarantee on certain other machines to two years, and it’s disingenuous of them to offer to pay half the bill when it seems like they should be paying it all.

However all this depends on whether you can prove you bought the machine originally.

Thanks for the help. paid cash from Argos in England 22 months ago, so thats out but I have a thoght about changing out the burner just need to find out where to get hold of a replacement

AFAIK you can’t swap out the OPU.

This is the same problem I am facing, and it seems it´s happening with all of the new brands/kind of disks +R. A friend told me that disk manufacturers have been working on new systems (trying to improve the use or quality of the +R disks) and it seems our DVDr80 can´t accept the new technology…

PHILIPS have to update the firmware allowing us to play/record those kind of new +R disks.

Have you tried those PHILIPS disks?, they are more expensive than other brands but these disks still works on DVDr80/17. I don´t have problem with MATRIX +R disks and they are a lot cheaper…

Not tried that type of disk, will try over the next few weeks and report back
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Yes, ‘venezuelan’ makes a good point. Are you using faster speed discs (4x, 8x) or multispeed (1-4x, 1-8x)?

Speed I have is 4X and 8X

Do you know what firmware version you have on the DVDR80?

The latest Ver:

…which is?