DVDR80 for $199 at www.jr.com



That’s J and R (very reputible outfit).

I assume this is a closeout price.

This is a good deal if you don’t mind the previous generation box.

The DVDR80 has Free Guide+ Electronic EPG (forward around a week). In the US it only works for Over-The-Air and Cable (no Sat). Has and IR blaster and can control a cable box. Recorded events get the program title on the Disc Menu.

Other comments:
The DVDR80 can store 12 timer events.

The 80 cannot do a timer event on an ext input (for timed recording off an STB).

The Faroudja in the 80 could be a big deal if your using the progressive output (but many HDTVs do just as well or better with 480i and their own scalers).

Unlike the current models, the DVDR80 has no external venting fans (there’s internal fan which apparently circulates hot air inside the box :a ). It runs kinda warm. I’d not place on top of a hot componet. I’d not place anything on top. No enclosed cabinets.


what a significant increase in the price of DVDR80 in two years of time :frowning: , i got it yesterday on the cost of &300, i could not read any reviews etc before buying it :frowning: , might be there will be available on such cheap prices in the market … i have to buy another for my home use, this CD/DVD Duplicators looks very expensive to me, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated on where i can buy a cheap price DVDR80 …




… und Tschüss :cop: