DVDR80 and +R DL disks



I was just on Philips website and under the “interactice troubleshooting”
page for the DVDR80/17, it says this recorder will accept several brands of
2.4x DL disks. Does anyone know if the is true?

If so, do I need a firmware upgrade to use them?



Just to make it clear that this refers to the ability to play back, and not to record.

You probably won’t need a firmware upgrade.

If you have a DVD writer with firmware that will booktype discs to DVD-ROM, the playback compatibility of the DL media will probably be greatly increased.

If possible create a disc image with your authoring app before burning the physical discs with the ISO write function of DVD Decrypter.


No, this is in the interactive troubleshooting page (DVDR80/17)
under the category “record”. Select the question about compatabilty
with 8x disks. Playing DL disks has never been a problem.


Yep, I went and saw that table - however I think they must have got it wrong, since there’s apparently not been any firmware updates for this recorder since June last year.

You can always try one out and prove us wrong.