DVDR75 Spitting Out DVDs

:sad: Okay, I’m sooo depressed. All I did was move my DVDR75 to another room and another TV. It was working fine when I unhooked it and plugged it to the other room. Now, it won’t take a blank DVD+R. It takes it, says reading for about 10 - 15 seconds, and then just opens the door. No error message or anything. It will take an RW, or a prerecorded DVD, just not a blank +R. I didn’t drop or bang it, I was very carefull. I’ve since tried moving it back to the first room (I know, that was silly), but it doesn’t matter where it is, it just keeps spitting out blank DVD+Rs. Anyone have any ideas?

Hmmm… that’s certainly pretty strange. Apart from invisible condensation on the disc (for example if your blank +Rs are in a warm room and the player is in a cool room), the only thing I remember is that excessive heat is sometimes be a reported factor influencing readability of discs.

However, you say the machine is refusing discs rather than accepting them and displaying “No disc”. Also you have it back where it started, and it still doesn’t take them. It’s almost as if it thinks they’re -R or something incompatible.

Actually, what are discs are these that you’re using? Do you have the brand (or better still, the media ID if you can you get it using DVD Identifier)?

I don’t know if his will help…but,

My DVDR75 had disk recognition errors.
After an exhaustive test, I discovered that
after warming up for an hour or so,
3 of 5 problem disks were recognized.
5 out of 5 after 1 1/2 hrs.
This only occured with 8X disks. 4x --no prob.
I guess it was the dye formulation.

You might try leaving the unit on for a while
and testing again.


Yeah, I don’t know. The unit is still under warrenty, but I shudder to think what they may have me do. I just don’t understand it, I’ve tried taking a blank Philips 8X +R from the middle of my already opened pack, I’ve opened a pack of Office Depot, Office Max, TDK, Sony and Teon, all of which has worked in the past in this unit, and all it does is just immediately open the door back up. I don’t get the “no disc” message. When I put a blank in, it just says reading, and then opening and then opens. It works fine for Philips+RW, that’s the only RW I have, and it plays prerecorded DVDs also. I know they are probably going to have me pack it up and send it in, and I guess anything could happen after that, but I love this machine, it’s been a great machine. It doesn’t have a counter, but I would conservatively say that I have burned about 750 DVDs. Hate to mess with it, but now it’s basically an expensive DVD player. Thanks for the replys, I’ll let you know what happens.

:confused: Well, I didn’t move my Philips DVDR75/17 from one room to another, and it’s doing the same thing. It just started today. Last night, I asked it to timer record a program, then today, when I turned it on, it starts reading the disc, then just spits it out. I tried other discs I recorded, and it seems to be doing it to only unfinalized discs. Finalized and pre-recorded discs can be read, but the unfinalized ones are simply spit back out with no error messages or anything. I tried doing the factory reset procedure, but it didn’t work. I just got off the phone with Philips, and while the service rep was very nice, he had never heard of this problem, and kindly informed me that my warranty had recently expired. :frowning: The rep said it’ll probably cost just under $200 to have it fixed, and I’ll have to mail it to them in Arkansas. I haven’t tried my RW discs yet to see if it’ll read them, but it definitely won’t read the R’s unfinalized. I just want to watch the stuff I recorded. Arggghhh!

P.S. this recorder is just over 1 year old, we have had almost no problems with it in the past, beyond the occasional disc error (probably less than 4) and we record with it several times a week.

I have the same problem with my DVDR72. The problem occured after I zapped my open door button with static electricity. I believe the same happend to you if you happen to move across a carpeted room. I am trying to find out if there is firmware inside that may be downloaded. Does anyone know if the DVDR72 had downloadable firmware.


Many models of Philips DVD recorders do have upgradeable firmware. Unfortunately, the DVDR72 seems to be hitherto unsupported by Philips.

Here’s the latest on my DVDR75. Philips Consumer Repair and Exchange is going to send me an email with questions about my unit that I need to answer so that in the event they can’t replace my unit with the same model, they will replace it with one that is comparable in options. Not sure why they don’t know what my unit has, but oh well, I’ll play along. I suspect that they will not have any new DVDR75s and I will get a list of new models that closely match mine to choose from. If that happens, I’ll be sure to list my choices here to get opinions as to which one I should select.

Well, that didn’t take long. I was offered a choice of a new DVDR3320V/37, or a buyback of 300 dollars for my DVDR75. I sure did like the features of the DVDR75, and looking at the DVDR3320V/37, I would certainly miss the 2.5 hour recording option. Anyone have any feedback on the DVDR3320V/37? I really didn’t need a VCR.