DVDR75 is recording over my old titles when using timer

Hi, I’ve got a problem with my DVDR75 that I’m hoping someone can help with.

I’ve set the recorder to record a one-hour programme at the same time each week. I’m using a DVD+RW and I’m recording in M4 mode so there is 4 hours worth of time on the disc. However, each time the machine records, it’s recording over the previous week’s recording rather than starting a new title. Is it supposed to do this? I would have thought that the recorder would automatically start a new title as long as there was room on the disk.

I know the machine has a “safe recording” function which accomplishes what I’m looking for (creating a new title rather than recording over old one) but this only seems to be available when manually recording rather than timer recording. Unless I’m missing something…

Thanks for any suggestions.

The Philips DVDRs are designed to replace tape VCRs, so tend to function in a similar way. If you leave the disc menu with the cursor selecting the new empty title, then it should start recording at that point even when switched into standby and in timer mode. Leave the cursor on the first title, and they’ll be overwritten (as they would on a tape).

The other way would be to protect the established recordings in the disc menu, but that would be a bit more inconvenient.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try that.