DVDR75/17: won't play some commercial DVDs

I hopeful someone on this thread can help…

I have a Philips DVDR 75/17, and I’ve had it for 2 years.

For some reason, I can play recorded DVDs and some “store bought” DVDs, but I cannot Play STAR WARS III nor Lava Girl and Shark Boy…and likely others.

I have noticed the DVDR struggling at times, so today I bought one of those Philips DVDR cleaners and ran it. I am not sure the problems are linked, but welcome advice.
**When it tries to start these newer movies, it tells me ‘no disc present’.

Summary: it plays some DVDs but not all. The ones it will not play are not ‘contraband’ or bought in the Far East…

Overall Satisfaction with the recorder WAS high…8.



Can you still record on it ok, on both +R and +RW discs?

What is the current firmware? See the sticky thread on recorder firmware to find out how to do this.

I am having same problem. I can record and play back recorder DVD with no problems. It appears the laser is out of alignment. Any assistance would be appreciated.

It is unlikely that the laser is “out of alignment” if you can record and play back.

If you describe your problem in detail, perhaps we can give you some assistance.

Hmm, I had the same issue about a month ago. My DVDR75/17 had a heck of a time with “The 40 year old Virgin”. It got to a certain spot, then would freeze. No matter what I did, I could not get it to read it. So I made a copy of it using DVD-Shrink, thinking maybe there was something wrong with the original(although it played fine on my PC thru the section the DVDR75 had an issue with). I managed to get the recorder to play the whole movie using the copy of it.

Well, fast forward a couple weeks and I fired up the DVDR75, to play a new DVD we got and now it [B]won’t even ready ANY DVD I put in it.[/B] Every disc, recored or commercial DVD returned “No-Disc”. So the issue I had with “The 40 Year Old Vrigin” seems to have been just the beginning of something bigger.

Hopefully this isn’t what is happening to you, as I ended up having to replace the recorder, altogether. I went with a Panny, as I only had the DVDR75 for a little over 2 yrs and didn’t record more than 30-50 DVD’s with it. There’s no excuse for it crapping out for the light use that it got.

Yes, that’s bad news and sorry to hear of it . That progressive disability to read recordable DVD discs, then commercial DVD-Videos, is typical of the laser OPU failure on earlier models like the DVDR880, and some DVDR75s :(.