DVDR75/17: disappearing recordings

Thanks in advance. Recorded TV movie by use of TIMER. When I decided to watch it by putting it in Sony Player. The Station had cut so much out of it, that I decided to erase it, put it back in the Philips to erase it, it read Empty Disc. Put it back in to the Sony, the movie was still there. Back into the Philips, EMPTY DISC. Other, trouble, when I record and shut it off, it erases. What do you think, factoy said I need a new recroder?

Welcome to the forum :flower:, but please don’t post the same question in different areas. You may like to read the rules again…

If Philips are offering you another recorder, then I’d take it.

They didn’t offer to give one, was a offer to sell me one.

Has the Philips only just started to behave like this?

Also I wonder what brand or media ID discs you are using, and if you’ve ever upgraded the DVDR firmware…?

The Philips started this in last 2months, using Maxell DVD+RW and SONY DVD+RW. Do I need more info for you?
Thank again.

Just if you have ever upgraded the firmware of the recorder…?

You got me, I’m crazy as a fox, don’t know what firmware is. If you don’t mind, thanks again.

Hi - sorry for the delay :o.

Firmware is the instructions for the recorder to work. It’s software stored in memory within your DVDR. Sometimes a manufacturer like Philips will issue updates to fix problems or maybe allow your recorder to use faster discs, and you have to replace the old firmware instructions with the new ones.

For Philips this is done by downloading the new firmware and burning it to a CD. The new one for your machine is about 48 MB so you’d probably need a broadband connection as well as a CD writer.

The problems you describe with your recorder might be fixed by a firmware upgrade, but maybe not. Let me know whether you would like to try…

I down loaded your POST 946,“Philips DVD recorder firmware”, 1 to 7 pages. Is this what you have reference to? I’m ready to try.
Thank you

I said that I down loaded your post 946, I meant that I printed it out. Haven’t done anything with it yet, but I’m ready to TRY. Thanks again.

OK you can download the firmware for your machine here. See if you can burn it to CD and follow the instructions on the forum printout for upgrading

I have give up on my Philips DVDR75/17: disappearing recordings… Bought a Panasonic DMR-ES35VS, reading instrutions for 2 days. I’ll take the Philips to some one who knows how to fix it. Thanks again.