I have a nightmare story. the above machine was bought by a friend in Germany last August and brought to India for me where I’m currently staying. It worked perfectly until February this year. Then the DVD drive stopped working - no recording from the hard drive and then not recognsing any disc and finally not even opening the draw!!

I contacted Philips UK (as I’m English) and they assured me the warranty was global and the machine would be repaired here in India at a registered service repair centre. I took it to the nearest one and they also assured me it would be reapired or the defective DVD drive would be replaced. It’s still under waranty

3 weeks later they have decided they won’t repair it as it was bought in Germany. This is despite the fact that Philips have a global waranty and told me it wasn’t a problem. Anyone any ideas who to contact about this? What to do?

You could try re-contacting the Philips UK people and get them to talk to the Philips India people. Unfortunately, either one could be talking rubbish about the ‘global warranty’.

It sounds like the typical HDRW72x fault, where a circuitboard IC chip gets repeatedly knocked by the DVD drive every time it opens. It shouldn’t be that big a deal for the Indian service centre to repair.