DVDR7250H - Region Free help please!



Has anybody got a crack/code for this model to make it Region Free/ Code 0 - or can you point me in the right direction - thanx - Philips firmware doesn’t seem to cover this.


Well this one is posted on VideoHelp… however I would be wary of the ‘Play 159’ handset hacks, since on older models you only get 25 changes and then the unit becomes locked to the last region selected.

[li]GOTO Browser[/li][li] Place the cursor to HDD (Highlight HDD)[/li][li] Use the Remote control[/li][li] Press ‘PLAY’ 159 121212005255 ‘PLAY’[/li][li] Goto Standby[/li][li] Start the unit again[/li][/ul]If thgis works, get back to us and there’s a better option for unlimited changing of regions (useful for RCE locked DVDs, that is).


this worked great thank you … but i am now worried about the 25 changes you mentioned… can you explain the better option to protect me ??