DVDR70 - Skips, freezes, disc errors

I have inherited this model from my parents, it wasn’t used a great deal and is not that old but I am finding it extremely sensitive to any mark or minor scratch on the DVD. My two year old has a pile of DVD’s both DVDR and originals and inevitably they get minor scratches, sticky fingermarks etc. The pictures are constantly freezing, skipping, returning to the menu screen or showing disc error. The discs play fine on other peoples machines and the marks are all fairly minor. I clean the discs with tissue and have used a dry cleaning disc (cheap one) on the machine but with little improvement, even though the manual advises against using cleaning discs. Is the machine in need of cleaning (if so what products would you recommend), is there a better way of cleaning the discs does the machine require a firmware upgrade (whatever that is). Pristine, brand new discs usually play fine but it does seem to be extremely sensitive to the smallest flaw. Any advice appreciated.



Hi Gary, and welcome to the forum :).

Sorry to hear about your problems with the DVDR70. Generally speaking, DVD recorders are not great players, and I wouldn’t expect them to out-perform a dedicated DVD player. However it sounds like you are having extra problems with playback than you might anticipate even from a recorder.

Can I ask a few things for starters:

  1. Are most of the problem discs +R recordings, or commercial pressed DVDs?

  2. Have you tried recording with a blank DVD +R disc on the machine? If you have, what happens?

  3. What is the firmware that you have installed at the moment, and are you able to say more accurately how old the machine is?

For the last question, please have a look at the ‘Philips DVD recorder firmware: upgrades, downgrades…’ thread which is placed at the top of the Philips sub-forum page. About one-third of the way down this information page is a section entitled “How to get your currently-installed firmware version” … (and the example is actually for a DVDR70).

BTW you probably won’t have done any harm by using a dry DVD lens cleaner - the warnings from various sources are really to try and stop you wasting money in buying such a thing (as they’re almost universally regarded as useless and a bit of a rip-off).