DVDR70 refusing +R discs

I have a DVDR70 and just yesterday it refused to take R disks that are blank or part recorded, it just opens the try.

I put an recorded RW which palyed ok, don’t know if I can write yet, but will try tonight.

I will try what markbomb has sugested above, first I will try the hard reset.
I have tried varous R disks, even ones that have caused no problem in the past, in fact I recorded Battle Star last week and yesterday I was going to add to the disk, but the try just opens every time I put it in.

It plays all disks with no problem. I have to say up to yesterday I have not had any problems with this recorder I have had it for around 2 years and recorded around 120 disks over that time.

If it only records on to RW disks, I will have to put up with it, I paid around £300 for my unit, I can get a new phillips from super market for £150

Hi, up date.
sorry that should be tray not try.

In any case I can confirm that it does still write to dvdrw disks.

So I am just switching to this, not as compatable as Rs but I will have lump it.


If you haven’t suddenly changed a brand or batch of +R discs, then unfortunately the inability to read or write to +R discs can herald an optical pickup unit (laser focusing) failure. Next would be the +RWs, then commercial pressed DVD discs.

As you’re in the UK, have you had your recorder for less than 2 years, and do you have proof of original purchase? If so, then read the sticky thread at the top of the forum about how to approach getting a free-of-charge repair.