DVDR560H sound problems

My DVDR560H has a tendency to have the sound get an electronically echoing taint to it. It can happen at start up and the sound from the TV goes weird or it can happen at times when changing channels etc. But I can’t make it happen. If it is doing it and you record, the sound is no good but if you have sometnig recorded and it starts up during playing, I just have to turn off the machine and restart and it is OK again.
It only goes into a mono RCA audio in on the TV but it did it when I had it conected to sterio RCA on my DVD camera.
Anyone else get this problem, if I go back to the shop they will say it sounds fine as sods law won’t let the fault happen then and there.

Yes I am also experiencing similar sound output distortions. Haven’t experimented with it yet, but get the feeling, at least with my setup, that vectors imposing their influence on sound distortion, may be a comination of me using component connectors, and the sequence I turn the TV the VHS and the DVD recorder on in.