DVDR3460H copyright protection

Does anyone know how to get around the built in copyright protection on the DVDR3460H ??

I only ask as i have just brought one, and im transfering some of my golden oldies (videos) on to the HDD so i can burn them to DVD.

When i try and do it, it records it all then when i try to save the recording it says that part of the recording is copyrighted. Its a really old film i was recording that has been on tv loads of times so i dont know why it wont let me do it???
This is becoming a pain now…

Any idea’s would be very welcome. :bow:




You have to understand, it is considered ILLEGAL to duplicate Copyrighted content. That’s why DVD recorders do NOT COPY protected content. But, someone else will help you :slight_smile:

Thanks, these are old films i have from video and have been on tv, i dont think there is anything wrong with doing that…or is there?

I have the same problem please help me too