DVDR3435V/37 Review and i.Link not working

I am trying to plug in Canon ZR90 camera w/ 4pin firewire cable. And I get “No Device” on E3 (Front DV) input. Anyone ?


The review I posted to Amazon.

I bought this thing for three reasons:

  1. Quickly make DV Camera -> DVD transfers.

  2. Play DivX’s and MP3s, DVD+R(W), etc.

  3. Do VHS->DVD one day.

  4. I plugged in the Canon ZR90 DV camera with IEEE1394 cable. Switched it to play mode, switched on DV output. Changed DVDR to channel E3. “NO DEVICE”. Tried plugging/unplugging, turning on/off, etc. Nothing. I don’t have other cables, DV devices to try so I am waiting for tech support to e-mail me back.

I instead used an S-Video input to transfer my home movie. In medium compression (3hours/4G disk), the picture was really good. I wish I could compare it with DV picture.

Disk editing: Once you record some stuff on the DVD+RW, you can then mess with it. Add chapters, break up titles, rename, etc, all from your couch. It was usable, once you get good at it. But every “commit” operation takes a couple of minutes: So, you decide to break up a show into two parts, you pick the split point, say Divide Title, hit Ok, then sit for two minutes and watch the progress bar. Also, once you delete a title, the space for it remains on the disk. You can then overwrite it with a same or smaller video segment.

  1. Tried a few DivX’s. Quality looked really good, 90% worked. DivX’s do not automatically maximize. So if you are playing a 320x240 (common for TV show divx), you’ll have to manually zoom after you start the show. Zoom function is very good; you can select a region and go 1x to 2x in several increments.

Tried a few diff brands and kinds of writable DVD’s. All worked, except some movies that were written with errors from Nero (but they worked fine on an Avayon player). Seems that this player is far stricter on the layout. I did not try any cheap media.

MP3’s worked good. Another good feature of this player is that you can play one mp3/divx while browsing for another.

Important note: If you have mixed MP3/DivX CD’s you are ok. If you have mixed MP3/DivX DVD’s you are screwed. Only DivX’s will play from writable DVD’s that have both. Putting in diff folders does not help. This is sort of described in the manual, but not explicitly. Once again, Avayon is a more general player; it will show you ALL of the files. But, because all of the playable media is presorted, this DVDR is quicker at switching between files.

MP3’s played well.

  1. Did not try VHS to DVD. But other reviews are not positive. I am scared.

Other notes:

  • Jpeg’s load kind of slow, and annoyingly load top to bottom.

  • It takes some time to load any disk, although a progress bar is displayed.

  • I like the settings menu for adjusting playback options. It pops up on top of the screen and you can pick subtitles, audio streams, etc. Does not obstruct the movie.

  • IMPORTANT: DVD output will go through the Composite and S-Video outs. VHS output will go only through Composite. This is a common feature of all combo players, but I was hoping that since this is the most expensive one, it would not be so. Also, they do not tell you this in the “quick connect” pages. So you’ll still use up 2 inputs on your TV with S-Video in, even though you have only one player. Lame.
    Possible Workaround: Loop the composite video out into the rear composite video in. All inputs (Rear, Front, Front DV) will play through the S-Video. But you are loosing the video in. I did not try this, as I am using the rear video in, but it might work.

Good: DivX playback, Mp3 playback, home made DVDs, editing DVDs.
Bad: DV input not working for me, mixed divx/mp3, slow loading/editing, VHS does not play through S-Video.