DVDR3370H/97: unit hangs (need to reset unit) and other problems




I am surprised that nobody else has posted anything here on the 3370 unit… so here goes:

In early 2006 I purchased a Philips DVDR3370H/97 [I live on South Africa]. It has 300GB HDD and sounded gr8… but has lots of problems…

Oh, and I was also surprised to see that there was no direct RF cable connection from DVD to TV. If your TV does not have RCA inputs you need an RF modulator… I needed to keep my old video machine “in the loop”!

In Dec 2006 I upgraded the firmware from the Philips web site: http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/dcbint/cpindex.pl?slg=ENG&cat=DVD_HOME_THEATER_CA&sct=DVD_HARDDISK_RECORDERS_SU&session=20070224153545_196.207.41.253&grp=HOME_ENTERTAINMENT_GR&ctn=DVDR3370H/97&mid=Link_Software&hlt=Link_Software

I found that the menu operation was a bit faster and some usability issues were resolved… but nowhere near all of them!

The main issue at the moment seems to be that it locks up or hangs and I need to reset it by pulling out the power plug and then starting it up again! This happens about once a week when it’s recording… sometimes I get home after setting it to record only to find that it has locked up and didn’t record!
When I remember, I pre-emptively power down weekly… what a pain!

The unit does not handle running out of HDD space very well… did I mention that it doesn’t handle running out of HDD space?

Here’s an excerpt from an email that I sent to Philips in 2006:
Time shift buffer: if the time shift buffer has been capturing for a long time (say 2 hours of programs), then I go back 5 minutes and press record then the whole time shift buffer is lost and I cannot explore what’s in the previous 2 hours of programs. The recording should start but not erase the time shift buffer.

The HDD list should also include a column called “duration”… if there’s a space limitation, then ditch the 1st column (called “No.”).

Would be nice to be able to assign a “genre” to each recording…

The “info” window appears during playback whenever a key is pressed on the remote and I need to press the “info” button on the remote control to make the info disappear - is there a way to reduce the on-screen time of the info window?

When a timer recording ends the Time Shift Buffer does not automatically activate i.e. pressing the “left arrow” does nothing. So one cannot explore the time shift buffer after the timer has ended… you need to press the “Tuner” button on the remote for the buffer to “wake up”!

When creating a new entry in the “Timer Editor” the default start and end times should be more useful i.e. the start time should take on the current time plus 5 minutes and the end time should default to ‘start time’ plus 2 hours

When creating a new entry in the “Timer Editor” the default “Title” is set to “MyTitle0” which is very painful to have to overtype each time - this should rather be blank ready for typing from scratch

When a timer recording is in progress, the time shift buffer does not work…

Timer schedule: sometimes an entry needs to be edited since I realised that the duration of an entry was set too short… since the time shift buffer is not operational after a timer, I need to i) press record and ii) fix the schedule for next week’s recording. So, I go and change the end time which happens to be a time on the future which causes the recorder to go into timer mode and starts recording! This interrupts the recording that I had already started manually! Since the “timer mode recording” limits the time shift buffer operations, I need to then press “stop”, then “tuner” (to get out of “timer mode” then “record”, then go and clean up the multiple HDD recordings.

Programming a timer always asks for the “G-Code” - I never have this G-Code available, so I always need to navigate to the “cancel” button - can this G-Code question be skipped always?

Leaving the unit in record mode and come back 7 hours later results in multiple recordings of 3h each - I would have expected 1 recording of 7 hours… this causes programs to be split in the middle - and with no “merge” facility, this is not satisfactory

The keyboard functionality is inconsistent… rather present the full keyboard (as in the “HDD rename” menu) to the user rather than the in-line character selection (as in the “timer” menu)

HDD menu: The manual says that one can use up to 255 character to name a title - the unit only accepts 12 characters

I am surprised (and very disappointed) at the number of issues that I have listed and I suggest that your software engineers stop what they are doing and take the product home for a couple of days and start using it themselves!

This hanging problem is driving me mad :a

This new technology is obviously better than my old video machine (VHS Mitsubishi B31 VCR)… but it still has a looooong way to go before it catches up in the usability, stability and reliability front!

I expected more firmware updates to resolve most of these issues - so far there’s been only 1 in Dec2006 that didn’t help too much.
The associated release note was pathetic!
Oh, a “feature” listed mentioned that you need to reprogram your TV channels after the firmware upgrade - how INconvenient!

Oh, and I registered on the Philips “Customer Care” web site and they promised to notify me of firmware updates… but did not get notified. I found the update by manually checking their web site manually :frowning:

Still looking forward to the next firmware upgrade…


Hi Dozey

Just joined forum so guide me if I am doing something wrong.

I have just purchased a DVDR3360H/97 (demo model) ,which is the smaller brother of yours. Haven’t played with it much.

The unit was delivered with Firmware Version R16.02
I see from the PHILIPS WEB site that R18.10 now available (Dec 2006) which is probably what you upgraded to. How did you email PHILIPS (local or international)…did they confirm receipt etc.
I cannot get from ‘philips sa’ firmware upgrade dtailss R16.20 thru R18.10.
I am interested in what issues were addressed . I tried sending an email to the PHILIPS WEB site to support contact??? I thing they will redirect it to RSA.

Looking at other country models DVDR3360H/31 (probably French) I see firmware upgrades…
R19.20(Jul 2006)
improved +R/-R recording performance
improved LCD performance
improved HDD space info view
R19.28(Feb 2007)
set wakes up and stays at last selected source

WHY CAN’T THE DVDR3360/97 (SA model) get these improvements.

Just GOOGLE ‘DVDR3360H upgrades’ to see above

my email ‘tonyyates@telkomsa.net’




Hi Tonyya

Yes, I upgraded to version R18.10 from their web site (I got no notification, even after registering the poduct, I just kept on checking on the web site).
It was a mission trying to get hold of someone at Philips and also to register the product on the ClubPhilips site/Philips Customer Care web site since my model didn’t appear on the list of products! :doh:

After escalating to Philips PR Manager Middle East & Africa
(Galia Rizk galia.rizk@philips.com) I was connected with the technical people in South Africa andre.coetzee@philips.com) and Andre arranged a call so that I could discuss each problem. :clap:

Some problems were addressed/explained to me; but most of the menu/usability issues were not addressed and remain painful for me. :Z

You are correct, if you log a problem on their customer care web site then they will direct to South African offices.

Regarding the content of the upgrade to R18.10, I am not really sure what was improved… the release note included in the .zip file was not very helpful as I noted that more things were changed than was actually listed in the release note…
My suggestion is to perform the upgrade and hope for the best! :eek:

Here are the contacts (some mentioned above):

André M. Coetzee
Philips Customer Care Centre
Philips Consumer Electronics
195 Main Road
Tel : +2711 471-5194
Fax: +2711 471-5123
E-mail andre.coetzee@philips.com

Philips PR Manager (Galia Rizk)
Philips Electronics Middle East & Africa
Tel: +971 4 3095155/Mob: +971 50 625 82 03

Good luck!

Here is an excerpt from the release note:
Firmware upgrade history:

Firmware version: 3370H_97_R18.10
Release Date 8th Dec 2006

This firmware version includes the following changes:
From this software version onwards, you will need to rescan your tuner channels (i.e.: AUTO PROGRAM through SETUP menu option) after every software upgrade. :Z
Added free channel allocation feature :doh:
Fixed the issue that incorrect help-text is shown while in “Edit Title” window of a HDD title.
When an empty disc is used to archive a title (where the duration is longer than the disc capacity), the error message “DVD disc is full” is incorrect. Therefore, this issue is now resolved by displaying the message “Insufficient disc space”.
Resolved a Playability Issue - Disctinctly hear the PAUSE during the transition between tracks where it supposed to be continuous. :clap:


Attached the release note: R18.10

dvdr3370h_97_fur_eng R18.10 PhilipsDVDR ReleaseNote.pdf (86.8 KB)


I’ve had my DVDR3370H (purchased in South Africa) for about a year now. Used it mainly linked to my DSTV dual view decoder. Also had weekly problems with the unit hanging. Also had problems with the Philips remote (i+ button) resetting my channel selected on the decoder.

I moved to India in Feb 2007 and hooked it up to Indian cable. In 5 months I’ve had not a single system hang. Doesn’t make sense to me.

As of this morning 01 July 2007 my so-called ‘multi-region’ DVD player is not longer ‘multi-region’. Disks that were playing fine yesterday have all stopped. All except Region 3 and Region-ALL.


Try entering the region free (unlocking) code: