DVDR3355 Sound Question

When I record a DVD on my Philips DVDR3355 and then take that disc to my Yamaha home theater unit the disc plays with no center channel sound. Just sound comes from the Left/Right/Back Speaker & sub. The Yamaha unit says the disc is Dolby Digital. When I try to change the sound to Pro-Logic 2 or something else it won’t change. Thus the only way I can really hear the DVD with better sound is to change a setting to 5 channel stereo (which is for listening to a music disc). Am I doing something wrong that I can’t hear the center channel or am I stuck with it this way since the Philips doesn’t have a digital in for audio when I’m recording?

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Unfortunately, unlike the Dolby Digital tracks you get on retail DVDs, these DVD recorders only record in Dolby Digital 2.0. This also applies with virtually every other DVD recorder on the market, since most DVD recorders only have stereo audio inputs and the audio that comes with TV broadcasts is only mono/stereo audio.

When a Dolby Digital 2.0 sound track is output to a surround sound system, most surround sound decoders will output the left sound channel to both the front and rear left speakers and output the right channel to both the front and rear right speakers. However, very few surround sound decoders will output anything from the centre speaker unless the sound track is Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 audio. On the other hand, if your surround sound system is capable of decoding Dolby Prologic audio, enable this feature while playing DVDs as this should enable the middle speaker, in which the amplifier outputs the sound common to both sound channels.

Yes, my surround system will do Prologic 1 & 2, but it will not let me make that happen while playing the DVD that’s 2.0. If I were watching TV I could change to Prologic sound but when I’m playing the DVD I cannot. This may be happening because my home theater unit from Yamaha has the DVD player built in. Because of that, I think it’s not letting me make any changes to a DVD. I guess if I hooked up another outboard DVD unit I could change to Prologic…but I don’t want to do that.

Thanks for your input.