DVDR3330H problem


I recently purchased a Philips DVDR3330H.
When i copy to the DVD a program stored in HDD, then if i show the DVD in other DVD-Player appears vertical red lines on TV.

Someone can help me?


Welcome to the forum…:).

  1. Was this original HDD recording made from a digital source?

  2. How many lines are there: perhaps one or two and at each side of the picture?

  3. Were you playing back on a computer monitor?


  1. The original HDD record was made from SAT conected to EXT2 by a SCART.
  2. Maybe 40 thin pararell lines.
  3. Yes and in my JVC DVD-Player


Hmmm… in that case I don’t think I can help you, unfortunately. I thought it might be an overscanning problem which sometimes affects Philips recordings made from digital sources.

Perhaps you should return it and get a replacement model…?

This is the first time I’ve seen this particular issue. As the red lines are equally spaced apart, this appears to indicate that there is something up with the video DAC, since this does not seem to be typical of an encoding artefact or interference, particularly when it covers the complete picture and the lines remain at a fixed point (don’t scroll left / right). :rolleyes:

For a start, I would recommend trying the latest firmware available just in case it is a known issue which has been fixed. Unfortunately, a quick Google shows up no one else mentioning about this issue, so it seems like it may indeed by a hardware Video DAC issue. If this is the case, it can only be corrected by bringing in the DVD recorder for repair as suggested by imkidd57. If you do decide to take it back, I would recommend taking that photo with the image’s contrast enhanced to make the red lines stand out a bit better.

Edit: Just to rule out a potential moiré interference pattern since the satellite image is also digital, try making a recording from another source such as a clear TV broadcast to see if these vertical red lines still appear.