DVDR3305 Failed Recordings




I’ve only just set up my Philips DVDR3305 and I did a test recording for about five mins, after this time I stopped the recording. However nothing has been taped and the message on screen says something like “Failed to stop recording”. When I try to play back the disc it says it is blank. What have I done wrong?

Also, I’ve tried several combinations of the leads at the back of the DVDR and after several searches I still can only find the “Sky” channel. I’m not quite sure what I am doing wrong but I also have Sky wired up to by TV along with the DVDR and I also have a Transmitter set up to “transfer” the sky picture from downstairs to a TV in my bedroom. How I can get both the “aerial” TV pictures and SKY on my DVDR.

I really want to be able to record stuff - do you think my DVDR is broken? I don’t want to be phoning up the dealer telling them I have got a duff system if it something I have done wrong.

Thanks in advance


Hi Amanda

You should have coaxial aerial RF sockets IN and OUT on the back of your recorder. The cable from the actual aerial should obviously go to the IN, and then you need another cable (supplied with the Philips) to connect from the DVDR OUT to the TV aerial IN.

Your Sky box should be connected to the DVDR via the SCART AV connection, and from the DVDR SCART TV OUT, to the TV.


Could possibly be the brand of discs you are using! I had the exact same problem … was using “Printco” discs bought from the good guys store, a few recordings would be fine then a few would say “failed to stop recording” and so on. Went back to the store ready to return the recorder and was told this brand of discs can often be a problem. SO exchanged them for Teac discs and haven’t had a single problem.

Just a thought anyhow :wink: