DVDR3300H vs LG RH7500

Anyone got experience of the DVDR3300H? I’ve finally got the nod from the wife to get a dvd recorder with HDD and am stuck between these 2 boxes. They both seem to have similar specs but the LG box is about £30 cheaper, however I have a Philips tv.

I’ve read that the HDD in the LG box is easily swapped for a larger drive. Is it possible with the Philips box?
Can the DVDR3300H be made multi-region? I’ve a Philips DVD player which I made multi-region as soon as I got it home using a simple remote hack.

Thanks in advance

I have had the Philips DVDR3300H for a little while now, and I am very pleased with the unit. There are some differences between the LG and the Philips. The LG can play divx/xvid, the Philips can not, and I have not found a way to make the Philips multi region. I don’t know if you can change the harddisk on the Philips.

But the Philips records the current channel in a buffer all the time when it is turned on, and you can watch older recordings while recording new ones. Also you can start new timer recordings while watching older recordings, and start to watch timer recordings before they are finished. The LG won’t let you do this. This is why I chose the Philips, because I think these are kind of essentials on harddisk recorders.