Dvdr3300h - Problem editing content

if I copy a programme from the hdd to a dvdrw and then try to edit it on my pc by ripping it with dvd decryptor and then loading it into power producer, the programme power producer will not open the files even though they are vob files I get a message saying the the files are slide file and power producer is unable to open it, anyone got a solution?

Does it help if you rename the files with an ‘.mpg’ extension?

Do you mean to rename the vob files?


ok, thanks I will try that tonight

Tried that last night got same response from Power producer

OK I’ll have a look myself tonight and see if I can reproduce the problem.

Could you post the versions of the software that you’re using?


Sorry - having re-install problems with PP :a…

Try this little tool:


Thanks very much I will give it a try tonight, sorry for the dealy in replying I was away on holidays, thanks for all your help

i have philips dvdr 3300 h haw can i play dvix and divx format film

all I do is put them into the machine and they play with no problems?