DVDR1660@DW1650 vs BQFlasher & WOPC

Hi to all.

Some time ago I tried to crossflash my DVDR1660K@DW1650 using BQFlasher and I had the first surprise: BQFlasher didn’t recognize my burner. I tried to follow all the instructions given in the BQFlasher thread (wnaspi32.dll in the same folder) but there was nothing to do: my burner wasn’t recognized (I mean, when I launched BQFlasher, all the fields in the window were blanked; I could choose the firmware to flash but I couldn’t choose the burner). Anyway I crossflashed the burner using windwflash and now it is a DW1650 BCIC.
After reading the results of reducing lead-in and lead-out time, I would test the same things on my burner, so I decided to use WOPC tool and here I had the second surprise: when I launch WOPC it seems that the burner is not present: it says “drive not supported”, but it is DW1650 BCIC as you can see in the attached png. Wnaspi32.dll is in the WOPC folder. The SO is Win Xp SP2.
Any hint?

Well on my xflashed 1660/1650 & my genuine 1650 it works fine , both with BCFC.

I’m using the 1.30 beta version.

I can only guess that windwflash didn’t set something correctly.

Have you been able to update the firmware normally or did you just cross flash straight to BCIC?

I didn’t try to update because I need scan abilities, so I crossflashed the burner straight to BCIC. I have 1.3.0 version too.

When using Qsuite you need to pull down the box so the 1650 drive will show then you should see your 1650 drive.

It seems that your solution doesn’t work. Qsuite sees the drive as 1650, but even if Qsuite is active, WOPC still says “drive not supported”.

Use Safe Mode to crossflash the drive…

BQFlasher just does what it was designed for… :slight_smile:

Your problem is more likely related to a “partly” broken WOPC command rutine in latest DW165* firmwares, example.