DVDR Video_TS questions

I have some High School football game film of one of our buddies and I am trying to make a highlight film to send out to some colleges. My issue: The game film is on DVD as a Video_TS file folder. When I open the folder there are 8 files. 4 are .vob files, two are .ifo and two are .bup. I am attempting to use Magic Video converter. The only files that it will convert are the .vob files. Is this all I need to convert? Im kind of dumb when it comes to all of this, so any help will be appreciated, thanks!

When you say convert, are you trying to convert the VIDEO_TS to say something like AVI? Or are you just wanting to get that file from the Dvd to your hard drive & then burn multiple copies? Please explain fully what you want to do?

Sorry, I need to convert it to a format that I can use in Windows Movie maker so I can chop it up and make a highlight reel. I just downloaded vob2mpg and am using it at the moment. I figured I would read the other posts while I was waiting and found a post that was around the same issue I am having and thought I would try…

Well Kerry will probaly pop in & give you some good options if that doesn’t work out for you, good luck.

Converting the vobs to mpeg2 with Vob2Mpg s a good first step. I believe WMM will accept mpeg files as input.

WMM only outputs to .wmv or dv-avi though. If your friends want to watch the highlight film on their computers, then .wmv will work fine. To watch them on a regular dvd player would mean converting a second time and authoring to dvd…not a good plan.

Perhaps you should download the trial of VideoReDo TV Suite or Womble Video Wizard DVD to do the editing and export straight to dvd video. I believe both of those programs have 30 day trials that are fully functional.

Thanks, I will try those programs out…