Dvdr user generic question

i am a new dvdr user, do you guys check every single dvd after you burn it to varify data integ? or do u trust it well enough like cdrs? that the data is there and its fine.

how bout movies. how do u test those besides sitting and watching a 2hr movie?

One thing you can do is have Nero veify the data as you have already mentioned. I often do this but not always.

You can check the DVD for errors with KProbe if happen to have a Lite-on DVD recorder. If not, then you can scan for errors with Nero CD DVD Speed or DVDInfoPro.

i can’t seem to find the auto varify button when it burns dvd’s in nero.

it used to be a checkbox on the burn tab but i can’t find it. only the shutdown option is there.

i have nec 2500a and other comp now has lite on 851s

Well, DVDInfoPro is a nice tool to test with, but as there’s no beat for KProbe and you already have a LiteOn DVD burner… I guess the choice is very easy to make!

Pay a visit to our DVD Media tests forum and read more on the how and what :slight_smile:

yeah i use dvdinfopro now. i wasn’t sure how good it was.