DVDR types that burn at 12X/16X on NEC 3500

So what media except TY will burn @16x/12x?, i bought a 10 pack of 8x Verbatim’s and they only will do there advertised speed, there going back tommorow as $17 for 10 +R’s is too much in my book.
Maybe we can get a list?


But that list is not very good…

hi. i am interested in buying the 3500a in the next week. i have a 2500a hacked but i want something abit faster. my question is are there any 8x media that will burn faster than their rated speed in the nec 3500? i have only seen one 16x media which is traxdata but its abit pricey for the mean time. if any one has tested media at the higher speeds with this drive can they share their findings. thanks so much. :cool:


Verb 8x -r (MCC02 RG20) hits 12x (65p from SVP)

Really not much discussed on this, if i knew i couldnt find media that burns @16x i wouldnt of maybe bought this drive, rather of waited a few months and the price would drop.
TDK+R’s are Ricoh jpnR02’s which burn @12x is what i could find in my local Bestbuy.
Heres a list…


… yup. me too … I’ve tested the MCC02RG20 and RICOHJPNR02.
Both ok so far, but with KProbe the Verbatim seems a bit better

Discs that burn at high speed (12x-16x), with low error rates (manufacturers only, not brands):


Taiyo Yuden 8x (YUDEN000T02)

Ricoh 8x (RICOHJPNR02)


Taiyo Yuden 8x (TYG02)

Mitsubishi Kagaku 8x (MCC02RG20)

And, according to tests by j999d (read here):

Sony 8x (SONY08D1)

No Kprobe scans for those (yet) though, but transfer rate scans that look good.

i thought ones with ritek G05 were meant to be about the best disks :confused:

Ritek G05s are very good discs, but the NEC doesn’t support 12x (16x) burning with them (yet), 8x is the limit. They were never meant to be the best discs though. Taiyo Yuden, full stop. Consistent quality for years, both in CD and DVD media. Taiyo Yuden is the benchmark, then everything else.

I can’t test it with Kprobe, as I don’t have a Liteon player. Only this NEC and a Plextor 116A dvd-rom. Sorry.

IMHO, that doesn’t really matter. Transfer rate scans which look perfect at 16x are usually a very good sign when it comes to disc quality testing. No standalone drive will read those disc at that high speed, for example. As you may know, c’t magazine said that the Liteon - Kprobe method is not really accurate either. They recommended the Plextor PX-712A with Plextools for quality testing, that’s the most “accurate” way of testing discs for home users. Still not “really” accurate if you compare the results to scans made with high end testing equipement they use for their quality tests (Audiodev CATS DVD Pro), but better than the rest.

But who is going to pay money for a PX-712A just for quality testing (it doesn’t seem to be much good for anything else…)?

Matter of opinion and depends on who you ask…

Sure, but as a long term Plextor customer, fan even, who is quite disappointed of the DVD-RWs Plextor has released to the market so far, I ask myself that rhetorical question, and the answer is pretty obvious.

If you are satisfied with your drive, fine. It was not my intention to start some argument about this really. I am pretty satisfied with my Plextor Premium CD-RW as well, which is the last truly great drive Plextor released IMHO.

I’ll go along with that… :slight_smile:
As far as the 712, it’s a “crapshoot” on getting a good one which it shouldn’t be. Alas but when you get a good one it is a very fine drive. :wink:

I am following the 3500 discussions because that may very well be my next drive.
Lot’s of positives, hopefully they can expand the supported media list for the faster speeds.
I get excellent results from PRODISCR03 @ 12x but 3500 only writes it @ 8x?

Yes, 8x is the limit for now. Either NEC starts to support Prodisc media better themselves (likely), or the firmware wizards will take care of that (even more likely), that’s what I predict. Remember that NEC has not released any new firmware for the drive yet (it’s pretty new); version 2.16 is the latest, and that’s what the first drives sold to the market had.

If anyone wants to buy a Plextor PX-712 series drive, Japan now has PX-712U, a USB version in addition to P-ATA and S-ATA internal models.

Buy a PX-712U for media write quality tests after burning them on NEC ND-3500A. I feel Plextor won’t try 16x DVD writers because even Japanese companies like NEC and Pioneer started with their first-generation 16x DVD writers at under US$100 per unit. No chance Plextor can sell many PX-716 or PX-716 Plus or whatever when competition from Taiwan and South Korea is only going to increase. Yamaha and Sanyo gave up DVD writer market long ago even though they used to be more innovative than Plextor.

I asked about the availability of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R DL media and 16x DVD+R SL media with YUDEN000T03 code. I’ll probably receive some answer next week. Though even YUDEN000T02 can do 16x DVD+R writing relatively well with certain 16x DVD writers like NEC ND-3500A and Philips-BenQ DW16x0 series, YUDEN000T03 won’t cost too much either. As for TY DVD-R, why buy 8x That’s DVD-R when 4x DVD+R with YUDEN000T02 are 2x faster and 2x cheaper?

i dont understand why the 3500 does not support 8x write on mitsubishi 4x dvd+r?
they have very good results at 8x with the nec2500.

I just recieved my new drive. Is there any media that will burn at 16x?



… the one I tested myself is here with real good results.
. . Have a look on other threads concerning the NEC-3500 and you’ll find some more :wink: