DVDR...The right lite-on choice



I am new in the forum. I decided recently to change from VHS to DVD systems. My problem is to find the right DVD Recorder. What is my interest?
Have a flexible DVDR. Be able to read DVDs from other regions, copy from dvd to dvd , copy from VCR to dvd, copy from analog Hi8 or MiniDV camcorder onto DVD or VHS. My choices are LITEON LVW 5116 GHC, LITEON, LVC 9006, LITEON DDA300GX, because they are reasonable priced. Can anybody give me advice please?
Thanks, gogl :slight_smile:


I have 2 Lite-On LVW-5115 ghc+ machines that I picked up from NEWEGG for $59.99. I like this DVD recorder. I also have 2 LVW-5005x recorders and like them too. The one thing you should know is that only the 5005 series can be hached for MV. When I copy VHS to DVD on my 5115 I use a sima digital video duplicator. Hoped this helped you.


The Gatway AR-230 is a rebranded Lite-On LVW-5001 and can be “hacked” (read all about it by searching this forum for LVW-5001 and by reading the “read this first” messages about LiteOn firmware upgrades) to enable 3-hour recording, to read all region DVD’s, and to record Macrovision-protected content (dubbing your own VHS tapes to DVD.) There are a bunch for sale on eBay by “erecycler” for $40 ($25 plus shipping) and the one they sent me is like new. Here’s a link:

Otherwise you can find some on eBay that have already been hacked to be region-free and macrovision-free…here’s on here:

I have purchased items from both these sellers and found them to be reputable.
Good luck