DVDR skips afther every chapter

I’ve got a NEC2500a recorder and a Philips HDR1000 stanalone player. Every dvd i burn freezes for a second or less afther every chapter, and continues to play. I tried different type of brand en serveral program’s but the problem is still the same. afther every chapter the movie stops for a while the sound skips and the dvd plays on. i’ve FW 1.06. for my standalone i did not find an update… (who knows a solution).
PS the DVD plays well on my pc with PowerDVD.


What program do you use to encoded the dvd and burn it?
What brand of dvd -/+ do you use?
Is ur standalone player capabile of watching burned dvd / vcds?

I’ll use several programs. Like DVD shrink or dvd2one. And I used Both + and - dvdr’s . Burning with Nero or DVDdecrypter.
I’ve used Ritek04 and One, and Nashua dvdr. My DVD player is capable of watching dvdr and dvdrw…

It`s got to be you standalone player.

Try them on another player and see if the problem goes away

hope this helps


I agree with carthoris.

try to clean ur dvd player, sometimes it might be the dusts on the laser bean that causes the problems.

I agree its gotta be the stand alone thats having trouble playing back DVDR.

I’ve tried antother player (my neighbours) and it played fine. My standalone is 2 month old so dust is not an option i think.
I think the player is defective and call the store to swap it…

Thanx !!!

I am not too familiar with DVD burning, but f it has a similar rule to cdr burning, I would normally suggest to burn at lower speeds. But you say you have a new 2mo old DVD player so I don’t see why this would affect you, however, I would try it anyway.

Some DVD players are just over sensative to certain types of media.

Burning at a lower speed like with CR-R definately does help.

Then again, if a new DVD Player is only capable of reading lower speed burned DVD-R, what good is it really? I would still say replace or return it, thats just my opinion, I don’t mean to bash your unit, but I would think its no good for practical purposes.