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I’m trying DVDfab express and on the settings at DVDr size it is by default 4200MB, if I use a DVD OF 4.7GB can I write 4700MB?
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Hi express,

First off, point of confusion re: measurement;
A 4.7GB DVD (in binary measurement) will hold approximately 4.37GB (in decimal measurement). The difference is because you have both decimal and binary measurements. The capacity stated of 4.7GB is binary. When you look at the file size using Explorer, and most other utilities, it is reported in decimal. Remember that 1K is either 1,000 or 1024…
500K is either 500,000 or 512,000… and so on.

It’s risky to burn too close to the edge of the disc…the dye tends to thin out and the predisposition to burn errors becomes too great. This is true even on quality media like Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. With cheap or poor quality media, it’s that much worse. It’s probably best to leave the default size at 4200 MB.

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Sorry maineman, but it is just the other way round. 4,7 GB is decimal: 4,700,000,000 bytes (though not exactly that much and it corresponds around 4,59 GB or 4482 MB (binary). Even the preset option of 4472 MB is risky, not only because writing too close to the edge is no good, but also I have noticed that at high compression rates the actual size of the folder will be somewhat bigger than the set size.


Thank you maineman and HUN,

I understand that the best way is to leave the default size at 4200MB. Anyway I’m happy by the result of all my test at this point with DVDFab express and now I will test Platinium.
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I screwed this up, so again, a DVD-R is about 4.7 billion bytes, which is 4.59 million Kilobytes, or 4482 Megabytes or 4.377 Gigabytes. Just as if Commodore had named their computer Commodore 65.536



Sorry right back at you.
Binary is based powers of 2, whereas decimal is, of course, based on powers of 10. Every 3rd power of 10 is approximately equal to every 10nth power of 2. This gives rise to the confusion seen when comparisons are made without regard how one actually measured.

1 Kilobyte = 2 to the 10nth power or 1024 in binary measurement
1 Kilobyte = 10 to the 3rd power or 1000 in decimal measurement

The attached table illustrates this:


That is right. And that is why you were wrong when you wrote “The capacity stated of 4.7GB is binary”, because it is decimal and equals 4.377 binary Gigabytes


express, safest to leave at 4200, but up to 4300 usually fine also. Now, heres a good one…a binary and decimal were at a bar…


Thank you all, I have more details than I hoped.
You are super. I like this forum.

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Go for 4464MB, that’s the default I use with D2sRoba/DVD2SVCD.


There are ten types of people in the world, those whom understand binary and those that don’t.

Sorry, this thread just reminded me of one the worst nerd jokes of all time.


What do you folks recommend for DL Disc size? I had trouble burning my first DL disc, as you can read here

When I finally got it to work I set the size to 8300. Play back is fine in my PC, but none of my home players recognize the disc. I think the problem lies in the file size.

I also get that same result when I copy a rather large DVD to a SL.