DVDR Playback on Sony PLayer



Ok, here is my problem and question…

I have been backing up my dvds for some time now. I used to do it on a P4 1.4ghz, 640MB RAM computer, Emprex 8x, and mostly play them in a crappy Apex dvd player i got for free thru a raffle. Never had any problems. Now, since i moved, i have a new computer and i burn them on a P4 2.5ghz, 1GB RAM computer, same burner, and play them on my new SONY 5 Disc Changer player (DVP-NC675P) i just bought and also my girlfriends single Sony player as well sometimes. The software i use is DVD Decrypter, DVD2One, & Nero.

Since i have changed over to my new Sony players, i am getting the worse playback with my backups. The color shifts, sometimes it skips ahead, sometimes it skips back, sometimes i get a dirty disc error.

My question is has anyone else had this kind of problem with Sony DVD players… i thought it was the discs i was using (GQ + & - and TEON + & -), but i switched back to memorex discs that i used when i first started backing up and it still seems to do it (altho not as much). I also went back to burning at 4x instead of 8x since i read that higher speeds create more errors…

I have a hard time believing that an Apex dvd player is better than a Sony player… could it be i have a faulty player perhaps?

Any help on this would be most appreciated. Thanks ahead of time…1


i wouldn’t have a hard time believing it. apex players are typically very good at playing back recordable discs. you might want to look up your sony player here to see what others say it’s able to play.


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thanks. thread closed (discussion can continue in the other thread).