DVDR...not enough room?

Ive got an iso of a dvd that is 4.37gb when i go to burn it do a 4.7gb dvdr it tells me that theres not enough room to burn this to disk…with both nero and alcohol 120…any ideas?

Sorry, but based on each thing’s definition of “GB” 4.37 in this case is actually bigger than 4.7. Someone else can explain it properly, I’m too tired to :slight_smile: But there is no way to get around this.

You may want to try enabling overburn (I think that’s what it’s called). If the iso is from an actual single layer dvd, there may be extra bytes of data written to the ISO file that may be insignificant enough to force onto the dvd. Depending on quality of the individual dvd, you may be able to add some extra data. I have only used Alcohol a few times and I think that you can find this option in the preferences menu. Hope this helps.

Well ive actually exstracted the files from the iso and used nero and it gives me the same problem. i just ended up puting just the movie on the dvd and taking all the menus and all out.