DVDr but it says CD drive only

i just changed my dvd drive trying to solved this problem but still ,doesnt changed.
my dvd drive can play and DVD or CD and also can burn CD but everytime i put blank DVD it will always show CD drive… not DVD…and also when i look at the properties files
Type : CD drive
File System : Raw
Used space is 0
Free space is 0
Capacity is 0

so i cant burn…
i tried fixing the registry with Registry medic but when it comes to deep scanning my computer shuts.
im also uninstall norton and changed to NOD32.
it started when i install NOD32 after a few days.
And also my computer always restart everytime i delete some virus

please help

You need special software to recognise & burn DVD media. Windows itself can’t do it like it does for CDs. And don’t worry about it showing as CD drive, that’s just a quirk in Windows.

I think I’ll move this to the Newbie forum as that’s more suitable.

thanks but when i put dvd+rw and start burning it will says the disc is not empty and need to format or something but thers no file on it…

What are you doing this with?

RW media needs to be formatted before burning anyway.