DVDR Burner ! UKONLY im looking for good prices and online shops ! thankyou !>

im looking into getting my 1st ever dvdr burner and i need to know the score befour shelling out the cash !..

all i have to play with is £150-£160

that includes the drive / Postage Ect.


There are a few i have my eye on but im not to shure where to find the best deal. im clueless in that department.
so help a fello brother out :stuck_out_tongue:

Pioneer 105 ?
Nec ND 1000A ?
Liteon On DVD burner <<<< I havent even seen a picture of this baby yet is it released in the uk yet ?

any others. Future proof sent me a few brand names im just waiting on his reply back :slight_smile:

lets see what the board can do though as i realy need one of these to do the following …

Backup my /Xbox/Ps2/ Games and /DVD Movies

thx :o :o :o

come on guys deadline is getting a bit short,

no matter what im getting one today with or without help

i shure wouldnt mind the help though …


ok never mind becuse no ne wants to help me.

im getting the Pioneer Ao5/105 i hope its a good choice
if its not i will kill something lol :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Originally posted by The-poacher

man you will never guess what, Thats where i ordered it from

its the pioneer 105 without software as i already have all the software i need and want.

  • i ordered tonight 5DVD - RWs aswell from there.
    just to test em out.

is there any hacked firmwares out there for this drive ?
and are they the same as LITEON`s mediateK for reviveing if the flash goes bad ?

cheers for your imput hehe:bigsmile:

i also all in the same day swaped someone a microsoft wireless mouse for a barnd new AUDGY2 Soundcard :slight_smile: